To easily navigate through our products, we have arranged our ingredients into five platforms.  The Custom Products platform is our signature line of ingredients, which uses our applications kitchen, knowledge, and experience to design specific solutions to meet the needs of modern pet food manufacturing.  In the Proteins platform, we find high protein ingredients that are both essential and functional.  Our Fibers platform houses fiber concentrates, which can be utilized to replace unwanted byproducts.  Fruits and Vegetables offer a source of starch and simple sugars to both aid in the extrusion process and add a flavor compliment to a recipe.  Lipids are necessary for vitamin absorption and bring flavors to life.  With over 100 different items active in our portfolio, it’s best to consult one of our friendly representatives to find the product that will work best in your application.

Custom Products Custom Products

Proteins Proteins

Fibers Fibers

Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and Vegetables

Lipids Lipids